Merit-based awards are presented to a student or an institution to further education and learning opportunities.

The Challenge

Global economic downturn has caused increased competition for limited job opportunities in the workforce. Many low-income workers are at a disadvantage due to lack of education and skills necessary to be competitive in the private and public sector. Many public schools fall short of providing quality education that prepares students to successfully enter the workforce.  The combination of poor education and increased cost of living makes it particularly challenging for children in developing countries to achieve academic excellence and accomplish career goals. Therefore, it is of great importance to invest in education as it provides the foundation for social, economic, professional and personal growth and stability.  Education is undoubtedly the cornerstone of a better future for the individual and families.  

Creating the vehicles to further improve education may provide greater knowledge that builds skills at different levels.  Education can also provide skill development that better prepares individuals to meet the demands of the modern workforce. Additionally, education is linked to the empowerment of individuals while increasing the ability to control his/her own destiny and positively contributing to the advancements of communities.

The Opportunity

Creating academic scholarships motivates students to exceed expectations and become high academic achievers. Education fueled by merit also brings a strong sense of leadership and self-confidence to the lives of students who lack the extracurricular activities to acquire leadership skills. Additionally, this type of academic opportunity helps reduce the economic burden that quality education brings to parents who usually hold two and three jobs to make ends meet. 

Quicks Facts

  • Academic scholarships have demonstrated important results when addressing poverty, access to education, and attacking child labor.
  • Scholarships improve academic performance at school.
  • Scholarships contribute to a positive academic environment in traditionally excluded sectors of society by creating a positive relationship between the school and home thus increasing family participation in the schooling process.