Our mission is to enhance underprivileged children’s academic and human development by promoting and supporting leadership opportunities.
Our vision is to strengthen our global reach and expand our commitment to new communities, focusing on the principle that kids are the bases of our societies.
Core Values

In SEF, we believe that the contribution from our donors is the most valuable asset we have to accomplish socially beneficial projects. Therefore, we make sure that every penny we receive is directed to impact the lives of those individuals we thrive to help. No money is spent on luxurious parties, and everything is done through volunteered work.

We have been very lucky to count with a passionate team who is willing to dedicate their hard work to shape a better future for our the future of the children and their families. SEF does not provide salaries to any of its members nor does it cover any individual expenses. Hence, we can proudly say that everything is planned, organized, and executed by volunteers. We are rewarded with the smiles of the little ones and the drive to progress we inspire upon them.

Communities have the answer
We believe that communities have the answer to their problems, they just lack the resources to accomplish their goals. For that reason, we listen to the communities and work with them to plan and deliver the final results instead of imposing a solution that may be out of their their reality.

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
We believe in planting the seeds for success in our youngest generations and in creating opportunities for them to excel on their own. Based on this concept, SEF focuses aton helping individuals develop a comprehensive growth that will lead them to reach out for themselves and not on being dependable on external aid.

Change starts with changing the mentality of the young and planting the seed of progress for a better life and the possibility of an opportunity to succeed.