Welcome to our SEF family Jennifer


Meet our new intern from the University of Oklahoma. Boomer Sooner! 6 months in Colombia! 

Hello, my name is Jenni Reavis, and I am so honored to be with SEF here in Colombia! I discovered my love for the Hispanic culture and gift for learning languages at 15 years, and I dedicated the next 6 years of my life building a network of contacts by serving the Hispanic community in the Oklahoma City area and finishing an Associate Degree in interpreting and translating Spanish. My passion is serving others and learning new ways to empower people. I will be working with the rural community of Jardín, Antoquia, Colombia to earn hours towards completing my Master of Human Relations Degree at the University of Oklahoma.

I'll be helping teach English for the elementary school kiddos as part of my internship. the other part of it will be working with a group of kids who have been developing an incredible science project over the past 17 years.