We identify deserving communities and individuals, usually children and single mothers living in poverty who can tremendously benefit from educational programs in order to help them succeed in life. We work with local partners and oversee long lasting educational programs with the ultimate goal to provide tools for success.

I created SEF with the hope to help few children in need, however it has turned into something greater. As an organization we have been privileged to have met great people who truly care about our mission, and inspired others to do the same! This is my additional full time job and I love it.


Edwin Amaya

Working for SEF here in Colombia gives me the opportunity to meet new people, learn a new language, immerse myself in a new culture, and travel to remote places all while contributing to community. While I have the opportunity to impact the lives of countless people, they have just as great of an impact on my life


Carey MacCacherm

This time last year I was fully immersed in SEF. Honestly, if I could I would be interning again this summer. My internship experience with Smile Education Foundation is really special to me. The greatest part was seeing the students' and teachers' faces light up when they talked about how the resources and programs we provided had improved their educational process. I hope that more people look into interning for SEF, it is truly an experience of a lifetime.


Carolina Chavez

“To be volunteering with SEF is such a privilege, as it is an opportunity to give back, travel to beautiful locations, and explore a rich culture. Not only do we get the chance to work with extremely intelligent students and learn from them, but as SEF interns, we have the opportunity to practice the language and create the experience we want. This is a programme I would recommend to anybody!”"


Julia Riffle
Colombia summer intern