Community Selection

Overview of the process

The process starts with an SEF leader, like you or me, with good intentions to help a community in need.
Once the community is identified, the leader begins corresponding with either the schools in the area and/or a community leader, so that the SEF leader can understand the locals’ needs. Once the SEF leader comprehends what is truly essential for the community, he can begin the process of analysing the best forms of community assistance.
The SEF leader creates a proposal with a real budget and presents it to the SEF Board of Directors for approval.
Along with the proposal, the SEF leader needs to present fundraising ideas on how she/he will obtain part of the funds.

What we are looking for

There are some key aspects that we look for in our projects:

Projects that focus on low-income communities who struggle to give their children an adequate education.
Sustainable projects that establish viable solutions to the problems presented by poverty through educational development.
Sustainable projects that provides great opportunities that could bring a brighter future to children stuck in the cycle of poverty.
Partnerships with the local school, or a community leader who knows and understands the community needs and works hard to solve it.
Involve the communities as much as possible with the projects, for instance: parents, the local police, doctors, leader, and volunteers in general who are willing to help.

What you can expect

You can expect a SEF board of director leader to assist you in the process of the proposal.
Once the community project application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Board of Directors in detail.
The BoD will get back to you with corrections if needed.
The BoD will announce the approval/disapproval of the project and give you a clear way of how to proceed.

What you can expect

There is not a deadline to submit the project proposal, as SEF does projects all year round. However, as the majority of our projects are carried out during the Fall, we prefer proposals to be submitted during the Spring time.
List of documents needed / Files to be filled out

Process overview
Community application
Project guidelines