We identify deserving communities and individuals, usually children and single mothers living in poverty who can tremendously benefit from educational programs in order to help them succeed in life. We work with local partners and oversee long lasting educational programs with the ultimate goal to provide tools for success.

These are the programs we implement in the COMMUNITIES we serve and the children you help us SPONSOR.

Health & Wellness

Vital medical outreach focusing on basic hygiene and quality health care needs– including dental care, medical check-ups, medical supplies, visual care, etc.

Educational Development & Workshops

Educational seminars for children and adults focusing on acquiring and improving technical and social skills


Merit-based awards are presented to a student or an institution to further education and learning opportunities


Construction and remodeling of facilities and systems necessary for schools and communities to grow and excel.

After School Programs

Organized programs that provide the opportunity for children and youth to participate in organized extracurricular and enrichment activities in a safe environment outside of the traditional school day

Vocational Training

Education that prepares youth and individuals for a specific trade that can be used to improve economic status.

Academic Resources

Basic, day-to-day educational supplies to children ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade. We also provide materials to the schools to help heighten the teaching environments


We provide family groceries and nutritious meals to children and families in need to fight hunger, in addition to educational workshops about adequate nutritional choices.

Sports & Physical Activities

Physical activity enhances and maintains physical fitness and overall health.