Who are we and what do we do?


written by Smilef.org

Hello! The objective of this personal blog is to share all the news about our projects in the foundation.

marzo 27, 2023

Smile Colombia Foundation was founded in August 2009 by Edwin Amaya in Oklahoma. Edwin’s inspiration is based in his own family’s story. Knowing and understanding the struggles his grandmother endured raising his mother and seven other children as a single mother in extreme poverty, Edwin launched his initiative to give back. Also inspired by a Frenchman giving gifts to the children of Colombia, Edwin founded Smile Colombia Foundation.

The goal of Smile Colombia Foundation was to provide tools necessary for quality education to those who struggle to access such basic necessities due to the lack of financial resources or other hardships. The foundation focuses not only on education, but on the necessities that are required to providing quality education. Such examples include helping local families with groceries, building libraries and multi-purpose rooms at community schools, providing medical check-ups, leadership programs, and scholarships. Although the goals of the organization have not changed, the name has. Smile Colombia Foundation soon became Smile Education Foundation with the goal of serving as an international organization rather than restricting its programs to Colombia.

Founded in Oklahoma and centered out of Bogotá, Colombia, Smile Education Foundation is looking forward to continuing on it’s path to rapid growth and expanding to other locations abroad. Be on the lookout for our new and improved website. Soon to come, the website will feature a blog, pictures of our success stories, and more accessible information on how to donate and get involved with Smile Education Foundation.